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Life and Blogging Update

Hey guys!! I moved to college 10 days ago, and I started classes about a week ago. It’s crazy to me to think that I’m a college student now! But unfortunately that means my schedule is also a bit insane, so I’ve decided to step back from my blog during the school year. Don’t worry,Continue reading “Life and Blogging Update”

Alia’s Ending

As promised, I’m back with the ending to the World War 2 vignette I posted last week (in case you missed it, you can find it here)! Originally, I planned to post both parts together. But, after talking with my mom, I decided to space them out. My intention in writing this story was toContinue reading “Alia’s Ending”


I’m back with another historical fiction vignette! This one is titled “Alia” (as the blog title suggests!) and is 970 words. It is set during World War 2, and it was my attempt to show that everyone, no matter how horrible, has a story. Their story doesn’t necessary excuse their actions, but it does shedContinue reading “Alia”


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About Me

Hi! I’m Rae, the zebra behind the blog. I’m a senior in high school, musician, writer, chronic illness warrior, and– most importantly–daughter of the Most High. You can read more about me here.

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