3 Things to Know When Making Big Decisions

I recently had to make a really big decision: I had to decide whether or not I was going to college and, if I was, where I was going.

It felt like a huge decision at the time. It still does, to be honest. But I made it, and it taught me a few things I’d like to share with you:

Everyone has opinions. Not everyone’s opinion needs to be shared.

I tend to process verbally, which led to me trying to talk through my options with friends and mentors. Almost all of them expressed an opinion, and, even the ones who didn’t explicitly state it implied it very heavily.

I felt like I was drowning beneath them all.

They were all well-meaning, but if I could go back and change one thing about this process I would’ve talked to fewer people. Which is saying something considering I didn’t talk to as many people as I normally would’ve.

Before you talk through something with someone, ask yourself if their opinion is going to help or just add to your stress. And remember, even if you only talk it through with one person, you always have the Lord to go to, whether or not He gives you a quick answer.

God doesn’t always answer in the time frame we want Him to.

I wanted God to tell me what to do that day, and He didn’t. In fact, He made me a bit nervous. The scholarships I was awarded had a deadline, and I got awfully close to that before I could make a decision. As someone who hates cutting things close, I was not a fan of His time-line.

And even when I did make my decision, I never felt like God told me or showed me what to do. Instead, He simply gave me peace about both options and essentially left it up to me.

Not everyone will have the same decision as you. Sometimes God leaves the choice up to you.

Okay, this point I need to be careful with, so hear me on this: God already knows what you are going to choose. I’m not saying that He’s waiting for you to make your decision to plan how your life will unfold.

What I am saying is that God doesn’t always make it clear what you should do. I had a lot of good options, and I had two great options. For those options, God opened all the doors. I told my mom I felt like I kept asking for God to open one door and close the other, and instead He kept changing how open they were–but always leaving them equal.

God only had one plan because He knew what I would choose, but He never told me what to choose. Every decision before this point was comparatively “easy.” It may have been a difficult decision emotionally, but my choice was fairly obvious. And, if it wasn’t, it wasn’t a decision that felt life-changing.

This was my first time making a decision that was important and not at all obvious. It stressed me out, left me in tears, and prompted several poems. But, in the end, I’m thankful for it, because it was my decision, and if it goes south I won’t be bitter against anyone. 

I know I made the decision God wanted for me, because I know I’m not powerful enough to mess up His plan. But, I also know He never explicitly told me what He wanted me to do, no matter how many times I asked Him to.

6 thoughts on “3 Things to Know When Making Big Decisions

  1. This was encouraging, Rae! You know, while reading your post, it reminded me of a Down Gilead Lane episode that I heard last week. The oldest sister of the Morrison family, Brooke, just got an opportunity to go back to Peru on a mission trip after sharing about her first experience via blogging. Her parents didn’t want her to go because she’d miss her senior year of High School and they were nervous. But eventually, they left the decision up to her since she was trusting and seeking God through it all.

    Honestly, even though I’m only a High School sophomore, I am certainly stressed about what I should do regarding college. Should I go to my local community college or straight to the University? Should I do school online or in-person? Should I attend a Christian or secular school? Trusting God with everything can be difficult because we have an idea of how we want things to be done, but ultimately, God knows what is best. His ways are perfect and we should never doubt that. So instead, seek Him.

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    1. Yes for sure, His ways are truly perfect!! I remember stressing as a sophomore and my only advice to you is to be patient. When I was a sophomore my plans were totally opposite of what they are now! But God knew where I was meant to go and opened the doors to show me which path He intended 🙂

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